5 signs you need to take a vacation

Wearing thin? Here’s a few signs that it’s time to pack your bags and take a much-needed vacation.

A recent survey of over 2,200 Americans revealed that the average worker only takes 54% of their allotted vacation days. Regardless of the reasons behind this shocking statistic, it’s fair to say that many of us are in need of a few uninterrupted days off work. If any of the following points describe your current state, it’s time to book a vacation!

1. Just thinking about work makes you miserable

If you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night stressing about work, something’s not right. Few of us love our jobs, but if you resent your job to the point that just thinking about it makes you want to scream, it’s time to take a vacation – or consider a career change.

2. You never feel rested

Does it seem like you’re always exhausted, no matter how much sleep you get? The stress caused by your job might be taking a toll on your sleep. A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found that 43 percent of adults toss and turn at night because of stress, and 50 percent feel depleted the morning after such a rough night's sleep – and this can have a profoundly negative affect on your health. If you find your work is affecting your slumber, consider taking a much-needed vacation.

3. Being productive is nearly impossible

Stress and sleep deprivation have a direct impact on your productivity. If you spend half the day staring at your computer screen waiting for inspiration to strike, it’s probably time to give your brain a break. Perhaps by the pool with a mojito?

4. You feel disconnected from your loved ones

If your relationship with your family and friends feels “off”, work might be to blame. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 79% of men and 61% of women report that work stress impacts their personal relationships. If you’re even the least bit worried that this is happening to you, take a few vacation days to rebuild those bonds. 

5. You’re always counting down the days until the weekend

It’s one thing to be excited when the clock strikes 4:59 on a Friday afternoon. But if you start the countdown the moment you crawl out of bed on Monday morning, it’s a good sign you’re in dire need of some quality time off.

If you’re reading this article, you probably need a vacation. Take a look at your calendar and set aside a few days for some well-deserved rest!