8 tips for spring wellness


Spring has arrived and with it, your dormant energy. Suddenly you want to practice yoga into the early hours of the morning, start your own business and write out a ten-year-plan – with daily checkpoints. Your limbs are alive with an excited buzz, and you finally decide to convert to a paleo-vegan lifestyle! Okay. Slow down. Spring is a wonderful opportunity to make a few changes and become a healthier version of yourself. But while none of us are opposed to that little extra power that comes with May flowers, it can become exhausting very quickly. Take a look at the following tips to help you stay grounded during this time of change, and ensure that the little extra push you receive from the season doesn’t make you stumble.

1. Be patient

You can’t do ninety things at once, so learn to relax. Eventually you may start to feel frustrated when you run out of time to fit everything into your day, so it’s important to find an outlet for all that built-up negative energy. Find a yoga class and when the instructor invites you to set an intention for your practice, visualize patience and stillness in your mind’s eye. Focus on your exhale breaths throughout the class and let go of the need to do. Not a fan of yoga? Let’s move onto our next point.

2. Turn your focus inward

Rather than dumping all of your energy outward, turn your built up emotion and chi (energy) into something soothing for your body. This doesn’t have to be yoga or meditation. It can simply be nothing. Sit still. Take a hot bath. Whatever you need to do to release tension and take a break from the hustle and bustle, do it. The shift in seasons is a time when people tend to get sick, so slowing down and focusing on self-care will help prevent you from catching whatever nasty bug is going around.

3. Make productive choices

Spring is a time of creative energy, so it’s a prime occasion to put new ideas in motion, or try approaching older ventures from a fresh perspective. That being said, be sure that you can visualize the outcome of the project before you dive in headfirst. While spring is a time to create, it’s also a time of hastiness and rash decisions, so take the time to reflect. Make lists. Ensure every move you make is truly productive. If you’re not exactly sure why you want to sell all your possessions, buy a van and become a nomad, don’t do it. Be inspired by warmer temperatures and tulip buds, but channel that energy in order to maximize efficiency. And, of course, leave yourself some time to recuperate.

4. Drink plenty of water

Just like all those sprouting plants, your body needs a little extra water to flourish this time of year. According to traditional Chinese medicine, each season is associated with one of the five natural elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Spring corresponds to the wood element, which is linked to the liver and gall bladder. Cleanse and rejuvenate your body during these months by staying hydrated. H2O helps purify the liver by cleansing it of toxins and stale energy that accumulate during the winter, so drink, drink, drink!

5. Do some spring cleaning! 

Just as this season is a great time to cleanse your body, it’s also the perfect opportunity to clean up some of your physical spaces. Reorganize your home, and sell or donate anything that you no longer need/want. Dust on top of the cupboards. Vacuum under the couch. There’s a reason it’s tradition to clean at the onset of this season – this time of rebirth is the perfect opportunity to identify and get rid of things that no longer serve you, and you’ve got the energy needed to tackle it!

6. Forge new paths

This doesn’t mean alter the entire course of your life – unless of course you make the productive decision to do so. When I say forge new paths, I simply mean that spring is the prime time to shape new habits and set new goals. The end of March marks the end of hibernation, which means it’s time for a fresh start…and no more excuses. Set the tone for the rest of your year by making subtle alterations to your routine. Eat healthier breakfasts. Skip that hour of TV at night. Whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to do, do it now!

7. Be kind

It’s common to find yourself with some extra pent up aggression this time of year due to all that energy dwelling inside of you. To avoid conflict and use that energy for good rather than evil, focus on tapping into your compassion. Whenever you feel anger starting to bubble, ask yourself whether you’re really angry – it might be more of a physical irritation, or something else entirely. Notice how your body feels. If you’re holding tension, take a deep breath and allow yourself to soften from the inside out. The simple act of bringing a deeper awareness to your emotions will help you to react more calmly.


8. Eat your greens

Spinach, sprouts, herbs, kale – all of these should be eaten in the springtime. The colour green is associated with the liver, so eating foods in this hue can improve the liver’s overall function and aid in the movement of chi throughout the body. As the temperature rises our body temperature increases with it, so cooling foods such as celery, pears and cucumbers should also be consumed.

Have more tips for staying healthy and grounded during this time of energetic transformation? Let us know by commenting below!