50+ (vegan) ways to use pumpkins


This season, pumpkins are everywhere – on porches, in kitchens, on social media and everywhere in between. And no wonder. Pumpkins are extremely high in fiber. They’re a great source of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, potassium, manganese, and copper. They can be baked into pies and mixed into drinks and made into crafts. Needless to say, pumpkins are so much more than uncarved Jack O’ Lanterns. But did you know there are over 50 different ways to use pumpkins? Take a look.

Oh, and by the way... they're all vegan.

Keep it simple

1. Pumpkin Purée

This simple 8-step process will provide you with a key ingredient to many delicious meals and baked goods this season.

2. Jack O’ Lanterns

Fun for the whole family! If you’ve never carved a funny face into a pumpkin, you’re really missing out.

3. Decorations

Use these ornamental veggies in a variety of different sizes and colors to add some festivity around the house.

Delightful desserts


4. Pumpkin pie

The most classic way to enjoy this fall veg.

5. Pumpkin cheesecake

A festive twist on a dessert we already adore.

6. Pumpkin loaf 

7. Pumpkin butter

With hints of apple, maple and cinnamon, pumpkin butter is a delightfully sweet spread.

8. Pumpkin fudge

Mouth-wateringly creamy… a perfect way to sample the tastes of the season.

9. Pumpkin ice cream

Absolutely scrumptious when paired with pumpkin pie.

10. Pumpkin pecan pie

A hearty twist on another beloved classic.

11. Pumpkin brittle

Make it with the flesh or the seeds!

12. Pumpkin brownies

13. Pumpkin cookies

Simple but delicious; the perfect recipe for a Thanksgiving get-together

14. Pumpkin butter tarts

Essentially a mini-version of pecan pie, but who doesn’t love bite-sized goodies?

15. Pumpkin pudding

16. Pumpkin frosting

You can glob this onto any of the above… and we’re betting you will.

Appetizers, anyone?

17. Pumpkin biscuits

18. Pumpkin hummus

Simply add half a cup of pumpkin to every cup of your regular hummus recipe for a hearty, flavorful dip!

19. Pumpkin and sage balls

Tiny but filling, these little guys are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving feast.

20. Pumpkin-stuffed mushrooms

21. Pumpkin perogies

A bit time-consuming to make, but soooo worth it.

22. Pumpkin cornbread

Add some moisture to (let’s face it…) an otherwise dry bread.

23. Pumpkin cheese ball

Vegan, of course!

24. Pumpkin flatbread

25. Seasoned pumpkin couscous

Add this tasty grain to your main dish for a delightfully well-rounded fall meal.

26. Mashed pumpkin

Make it a combo by adding some pumpkin to your mashed potatoes!

The main course

27. Pumpkin scalloped sweet potatoes 

28. Pumpkin quesadillas

Who needs cheese? Use pumpkin instead!

29. Pumpkin risotto

This robust dish is so smooth, your mouth will beg for more.


30. Pumpkin soup

Make it spicy, sweet or savoury!

31. Pumpkin and root vegetable kabobs 

32. Pumpkin and kale bowl

Take it one step further by baking the ingredients in the pumpkin shell itself.

33. Pumpkin casserole

34. Pumpkin pasta

No matter how you make it, this creamy dish always turns out resembling mac and cheese!

35. Pumpkin and root vegetable stew

36. Pumpkin gnocchi

...in a pumpkin cream sauce, of course!

37. Pumpkin lasagna

Red sauce gets boring after a while, no?

38. Pumpkin "meat"balls

39. Pumpkin and black bean chili

40. Pumpkin shepherd’s pie

Use this orange powerhouse in place of potatoes for a low-cal version!


41. Pumpkin spice oatmeal


42. Pumpkin pancakes and waffles

43. Pumpkin breakfast sandwich

Looking for the perfect savory breakfast for fall? Your search is over!

44. Pumpkin scones

45. Pumpkin spice muffins

We promise they’re better than store-bought.

46. Pumpkin French toast

Drizzle some maple syrup on this decadent dish and satisfy your sweet tooth for the entire day!



47. Pumpkin cappuccino 

48. Pumpkin spice white hot chocolate

The consensus is that dark chocolate and pumpkin don’t make a good pair… but who said anything about the white version?

49. Pumpkin latte 

50. Chilled pumpkin smoothie

It might not be as healthy as a green smoothie, but it’ll make your taste buds happy!

51. Pumpkin mudslide

A seasonal twist on this yummy alcoholic beverage.

52. Pumpkin eggnog

Sweet, spicy, and seriously satisfying.

In the bathroom

53. Pumpkin body scrub

54. Pumpkin face mask

Protect your skin from age spots and wrinkles, and achieve a glowing complexion!

55. Pumpkin conditioner


56. Make a pumpkin thickening agent

Substitute flour for pumpkin to thicken sauces, dips and dressings.


57. Bake the seeds

58. Pickle it

Yes, that’s right. Pickled pumpkin might not sound that appealing, but we’ll try anything once!

59. Dehydrate it

Throw the skin in a dehydrator for yummy autumn chips!

60. Make a pumpkin bird feeder!

Martha Stewart will show you how...

Sick of pumpkin yet?