How to use leftover coffee grinds


A month ago I released a blog explaining why you should drink more coffee. For those of you who took my advice and started pounding back multiple cups a day, kudos. I’m sure you don’t regret that decision. But more coffee inevitably means more coffee grounds, right? Without further ado, here’s a few ways you can reuse and recycle all that caffeinated “waste”:

1. Bug buster

The summer season is approaching, and that means searching desperately for new ways to get rid of pesky bugs. Sprinkle some used coffee grounds in your gardens and houseplants to deter leaf-eating pests. For extra bug busting power, combine the coffee grounds with rosemary or geranium essential oil.

2. Fruitful fertilizer

While coffee isn’t the ideal fertilizer for all plants, many varieties such as roses and azaleas absolutely love it! Combine used grounds with whatever other type of natural fertilizer you use and spread it in your flower beds to boost those blossoms!

3. Easy exfoliator

Keep a mason jar full of used coffee grounds on your counter for a quick, easy exfoliation. Rubbing the grounds on your hands will remove dead skin and neutralize any fishy, garlicy odours. Dry skin? Mix the grounds with equal parts coconut oil and sugar for a sweet, effective moisturizer.

4. Furniture fixer

Scratches and scrapes in your furniture driving you mad? Make them less noticeable by rubbing a little coffee on them! Use a Q-Tip or cotton ball dipped in moist grounds and buff to your heart’s content.

5. Hair healer

Once you’re done exfoliating your body, it’s time to move to your hair! Wet your head thoroughly and massage coffee grounds into your roots and scalp. Before rinsing them out, shampoo as you normally would. If you have trouble removing the grounds, shampoo again and rinse thoroughly. Even doing this once a month will make your hair feel lighter and more luscious.

6. Cellulite slayer

Yes, it’s true. Believe it or not, coffee grounds can help you say goodbye to cellulite – or at least reduce its appearance. Because coffee has tightening effects (another good reason to drink it every day), it can help minimize the lumpy appearance of those annoying problem areas. Add essential oils of peppermint or any other scent of your choosing, and rub away!

7. Odour absorber

Stinky fridge? Coffee grounds can help! Tuck a bowl of used grounds at the back of your fridge and leave them to work their magic. It shouldn’t take any more than a month for you the smell the refreshing effects.