An A–Z list of healthy habits that will transform your life


In need of a change? Start changing your life – one healthy habit at a time.

A.M. asanas

It’s common to feel groggy first thing in the morning. Rather than navigating through your house like a zombie, clear your mind and wake up your body with a few basic yoga poses! The loose definition of an “asana” is a position that’s firm but relaxed. Without exerting too much effort, carefully make your way onto the floor beside your bed. Start off with some gentle, seated stretching, and build from there. You’ll be wide awake before you’ve even had your morning coffee!

Breakfast in bed

Cliché but true – enjoying your AM meal from the comfort of your bed sets the tone for the rest of your day. Stop rushing and start savouring!

Create, create, create!

The act of creating stimulates your imagination, heightens your senses, enhances your problem solving skills, reduces stress, and offers a sense of accomplishment! Not big on art? Pick up a coloring book or start a journal — you don't have to have talent to create!


Daytime delight

Having sex in the middle of the day isn’t just for high school sweethearts and newlyweds. In fact, a researcher told Maxim that midday “canoodling” can help combat stress and break up the mundanity of your regular routine.

Electronic-free evenings

Headaches, insomnia, shortened attention span, stress, depression – the negative side effects of using technology are endless. In this day and age, it’s next to impossible to avoid gadgets altogether. So start unplugging in the evenings! Shut down your computer, turn off your phone, and bask in complete and utter digital silence. Take it a step further by flicking off the lights! Is there anything more romantic than enjoying a candlelit dinner?

Festive Fridays

If you’re like most of the population, you spend your Friday nights binge-eating chocolate while binge-watching Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with this…in moderation. But if you can’t remember the last time you did something enjoyable to commemorate the end of your week, it’s time to mix it up! Start your weekends early by making the most of your Friday evenings. No need to go bar-hopping (let’s face it, we’re too old for that) – just do something you love! Ditch your couch to spend time with friends, or go on a late-night stroll with your partner. Whatever you do, make it memorable!

Go green

Chances are, you've already embraced this popular trend. But there's always more to be done! Compost your food waste, shop at thrift stores, and for Pete's sake, stop using disposable water bottles!

Hourly health-checks

Once an hour, check in with your body and mind. Where are you holding onto physical tension? How is your mood? Asking yourself these questions will help you make healthier choices, and ultimately increase your general level of happiness.

January jump start

New Year, new you! Beat the January blues by making it your most productive month. Write down your goals for the year, ditch all the bad habits that are bringing you down, and make every day count!

Morning meditation


This doesn’t have to be a formal meditation. Try sipping tea or coffee for half an hour in silence – no phones, no TV!

Nightly niceties

Before you go to bed, extend kindness to your partner. Whether it’s a compliment, a kiss on the cheek or a simple “I love you”, don’t drift off until you say or do something from the heart. You – and your relationship – will benefit.

Overnight orgasms

If you couldn’t make time to “do the deed” during waking hours, why not wake your partner up during the night for a little “romp in the hay”? Idioms aside, having sex at night is ideal, when you think about it. No morning breath, a few hours of quality shut-eye, and the romantic aura of the moon shining through your bedroom window make for the sexiest of circumstances!

Productive plans

Life without a little spontaneity is boring. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little planning! Add productivity to your life by writing down your short- and long-term goals. Whether you go into detail or jot them down in point-form, the act of putting them on paper will help solidify them in your mind and help you achieve them!


Quizzical questions

Curiousity is a beautiful thing. Expand your breadth of knowledge by asking questions on a regular basis. Soon, you’ll find you’re not only smarter, but better-rounded!

Regular rest

As most of you know, sleep is one of the main components of health. If you have bad sleeping habits, now is the time to break them. Turn off all screens an hour before bed, keep your bedroom an electronic-free space, avoid caffeine in the afternoon, and hit the hay at a decent hour!


Self-care Sundays

Start small by taking an extra-long shower the first week. On week two, graduate to a bubble bath. Eventually, an entire twelve hours of me-time will be a cinch to accomplish!

Tea time

Tea, glorious tea! If you haven’t hopped on the herbal bandwagon yet, now’s your chance. Tea has powerful antioxidant properties that help protect your body from the influx of toxins it encounters. It has the ability to boost your immunity and strengthen your digestive system. It’s soothing, hydrating, memory-inducing, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and downright delicious!


Weekday walks

Experts have been advising us for years to leave the car at home and travel to work on foot. In case you missed it the first thousand times, here it is again – Walk. To. Work. Adjusting your routine will be challenging at first, and you’ll want to give up on this habit the first time it rains. But push through! Studies show that walking a short distance every day can improve your mood, help you manage your weight, lower your risk of common diseases, regulate your blood pressure, and strengthen your body. If your workplace is too far away, set aside some time every morning or evening to stretch your legs. No excuses!

Yoga it up!

No matter what problems you’re dealing with in your life, yoga is the answer. If you’ve never taken a class, go into it with an open mind. This spiritual practice has so many therapeutic qualities to offer – all you have to do is show up to your mat on a regular basis! If you really want to reap the benefits, find a teacher to guide you on your yoga journey. He or she should be someone you admire and respect, with wisdom and life experience to share. Start now, and watch your life transform.